Your website is the face of your online business. Let's make sure it represents the professional you are

Your Industry Is Ever Changing,

So Should Your Business

My name is Michael Glover​, the founder of Paramount Leadership Group.
I am also a business and nonprofit coach. I have personally seen the changes happening to businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world.
We are all in a constant state of change. Your online presence should always be improving and adjusting to those changes.
With clients looking online more than ever, it's important that your website work flawlessly.
That is why I offer a way to preserve your website that you have worked so hard to create and build a business around.
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"Mike at Paramount Leadership Group has saved me a ton of time and money. He created such an amazing website for me. He's on top of the changes I want and makes sure to communicate with me so all changes are clear. He offers up new items I never knew existed to make my business easier. I always bring my new ideas to him and he brings his experience and professional opinion to the decision making process. I've not worked with a better technical service provider."

-Darbi B. Business and Life Coach

Weekly Office Hours

Join live with others like you in my weekly office hours to get direct answers to your questions. We discuss solutions that will help your online business and learn from other professionals.

Website Adjustments

Get 3 website adjustments per month to keep your website modern and running smoothly. You also have access to trainings and videos to help along the way.

Easy Website Management

Never worry about outages or backups. I take care of all of that for you and advocate in your behalf if a rare outage were to ever occur.

How It Works

Course & Training Access 24/7
Website Backups
Have An Expert In Your Corner
No Contracts. Go Month-To-Month
Automatic Payments. Cancel Anytime.
Weekly Virtual Office Hours

Frequently asked questions

How many website changes can be done?

At the start we will design your entire website. During our coaching sessions we will be making adjustments so that your website reflects who you are and the services your provide. You will have access to support videos once our time is done, but we also offer care packages. Websites need to be in a constant state of change in small or big ways as your market and audience adjusts. Changes can be made quickly and efficiently. Here are some examples of some changes that can be made within a reasonable timeframe:

  • Blog Formatting
  • Adding New Client Tutorials
  • Tweaking A Page
  • Image Swapping
No matter which platform you choose, adjustments can be made quickly by requesting a change on my support page. If a call is needed, you can easily book some time with me.

What if I need something not included on a plan?

I love learning new things and have often been able to learn new things quickly. Let's schedule a call and discuss what you need and see if we can find a solution. IF any cost will be involved, we will discuss that in detail so that there are no suprises. Start by scheduling a call or filling out a support form to get started

What happens if my website goes down (is hacked, breaks, etc)?

The whole purpose of my care plans is to prevent this, so I’ll work hard to prevent anything from happening. However, in the case something does happen and your website needs emergency care, I’ll be there right by your side communicating with the web hosting company on your behalf. I can’t promise your website will not be hacked. But I CAN promise I’ll do everything in my power to prevent it and make it very difficult for hackers. And I’ll help with the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of my backups. Some website hosting platforms come with security and some offer it at additional cost. We can discuss your options and offer the best solutions for you and leave the details to us.

How does billing work?

Package Plans are charged one-time and come with a variety of services. If you are buying membership or course to the academy, you will automatically charged each month from when you started. There are no contracts for the membership and you can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. I’m all about building a valuable relationship with you and your business, so I’d hate to see you go. Just let us know you would like to cancel on the Support Page.

How do coaching calls work?

When you buy a package, you create an account where you can schedule, reschedule or cancel sessions. When you schedule a session, a Zoom link is automatically created for that session. This link will be automatically emailed to you and also be available on your membership account in the bookings tab. You can always call or contact us if you need any help or guidance.