The #1 Threat You Face In Your Business or Brand

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There is a reason why businesses fail. People think it is because of things like business location or the market is bad or I don't have a good website...

The number 1 reason, is because of obscurity. People will not and can not buy from you if they don't even know who you are, what you do or why they should buy from you.

Businesses also fail because people forget about you, which is the same thing: obscurity.

People think that because they have a website and a social media account, that business can somehow grow and thrive.

Obscurity is the biggest problem for every business. It’s bigger than money. It’s bigger than which social platform you use.

Remember one thing: You cannot over post. Post across three to five mediums. Beat them up. Vary your content. Make it interesting, and not all business. Help people relate to you!

Make sure that you know your brand and your purpose and push that until people start to hate you.

Criticism is a surefire sign of success.

Get out of obscurity; you need to get known and get people paying attention to you. People can’t pay who they don’t know.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How far will you go to get attention

  2. How frequent will you be in your attempts.

4 ways to get out of obscurity:

Before: Newspaper / Now: Blogging

  1. It used to be a big thing when you could get in the paper, but nobody buys newspapers anymore because we have the Internet.

  2. Your blog is the new newspaper.

  3. Things to consider:

  4. 1.7 BILLION Websites

  5. 600 MILLION Blogs

Before: TV / Now: YouTube

  1. I don’t need to be on TV to be on someone’s screen today.  A business or sales people needs to recognize that whole world is using social media.  

  2. People are using YouTube, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and stars are being made on these platforms.

  3. Things to consider:

  4. 31 Million YouTube Channels alone

  5. with 2 billion youtube users

  6. Everyday there are 1 billion hours watched on youtube.

  7. Every person who wants to get well-known should be banging live videos out on a regular basis.

Before: In-Person Networking / Now: Social Media

  1. Back in the day you had to get out of your house, go across town, and meet up with people in person to start prospecting and to get known.

  2. While face-to-face networking is still very effective, if you aren’t networking on social media, you’re not really networking.

  3. Things to consider:

  4. 7.75 Billion people in the world,

  5. 3.8 Billion active social media users

Before: Radio / Now: Podcasting

  1. There are plenty of uses for radio, people want to listen to things on demand in today’s world.

  2. Get your own podcast and you basically have your own radio show today.

  3. Things To Consider:

  4. 1 Million Active Podcast Users

  5. 30 million total episodes

  6. Average listen time is substantially higher than video or read time on blogs.

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