Facing Your Fear and Having Fun

So often, our kids do not have opportunities to speak in front of many people, let a lone something that will get hundreds or even thousands of views later on. I have been going live on social media for two weeks on a regular basis and my oldest son, Will, asked if he could join me for an episode.

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We recently started to home school my kids and so I have been looking for opportunities to help them learn things beyond their regular school curriculum. So we decided to do a live show of our podcast.

Before, he know that if he messed up on the podcast, we could stop the recording and start over again. This time, I told him there was not starting over and that many people would be watching live, and even more watching the replay.

He got nervous. He started to back out even. However, I gave him a nudge and he quickly got over it.

Thank you for allowing me to use my channels to give him this experience. Now that he has done it, he wants to do it again.

That's the thing about doing scary things. We step out of our comfort zone and realize, that it isn't so bad. We take small steps, little by little, pushing ourselves to be greater. We later realize how much better off we are, and wonder why we didn't start this earlier.

If you are scared to take the first step, let me give you that little nudge I gave my son. Call me today and set up a time to discuss how I can help you move forward.

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