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Paramount Leadership Group

A business consulting firm focused on lean practices and proven methods to increase sales and reduce overhead.

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Paramount Leadership Group, LLC is a business consulting agency that helps organizations with technological and systematic roadblocks.

Paramount Leadership Group
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Paramount Leadership Group

Michael Glover is an experienced leader and entrepreneur who owns and operates four privately held companies in the business and real estate industries. His goal is to help millions of people live their best life with balance and purpose. His passion for helping others can be traced back to when he lived in the San Francisco Bay area as a volunteer, helping others overcome life’s many challenges for two and half years and in three different languages.

Michael has always had a passion for technology and how it can better the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs. He has taken this passion and helped all of his clients automate and streamline their processes so they can make time for what is important to them. Michael has also been published in newspapers and magazines sharing his knowledge as a business owner, quality assurance professional and real estate investor.

As the President and COO of Paramount Leadership Group, Michael brings his knowledge of leadership and business to professionals in every industry by identifying bottlenecks and business strategies available to the client and brings plans to fruition. Clients can then focus on what they do best, while benefiting from streamlining their processes and automating their systems.

While Michael travels all over the country helping others, he is proud to live in the Phoenix, Arizona area with his wife and four sons.

The Paramount Podcast

Paramount Leadership Podcast is your one stop show for leadership in topics like business, real estate, charitable strategies and so much more.

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